Patriot Pride Jewelry

About our company: Patriot Pride Jewelry was born shortly after my then, 24 year old daughter, joined the Navy. After a very emotional drop off in Newport, Rhode Island, I went home and started looking for jewelry that would express both my pride and support for my daughter and also be flattering to wear for any occasion. After many unsuccessful searches, I started sketching images of a pendant that I thought would fit my needs. At this point I talked with a friend of mine to see if she was interested in joining me in this venture. Thankfully she was as excited about the idea as I was and we soon joined forces to become Patriot Pride Jewelry. -- Update 2011 – My daughter is currently serving aboard the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55) in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility on a routine deployment to conduct maritime security operations -- Update 2012 - My daughter has returned from deployment and is currently serving on a joint assignment at Andrews Air Force Base. --Update 2013 - My daughter continues to serve and is now a Lieutenant! So proud! 2017 update - After several years of inactivity on this site due to serious illness, we are back on-line and ready to serve you again.  As for my daughter, she is still on active duty and currently on deployment with the USS Laboon. Update 2018 - My daughter is still on active duty and stationed in Norfolk.

About the Pendant: The teardrop pendant shape represents the tears of pride and of fear that we shed when we first hear that our sons or daughters, brothers or sisters, husbands or wives, or any loved ones, are joining the military. The rope on the outer edge of the teardrop represents the strong bond we form in support of our loved ones as they embark on their military service. It is through both tears and strength that we show our support, our pride and our love. The pendant rests close to my heart, and each time I reach up and touch it, or subconsciously feel its presence, I am reminded of my daughter and her service to our country, and I am so proud, and comforted. Hopefully you will find the same peace and fulfillment each time you wear yours.

About Manufacturing: When we began to look for manufacturing, we were adamant that our products be produced in the USA. We found a wonderful family owned jewelry manufacturing business located in Rhode Island, and a similar family owned chain manufacturing business located in Massachusetts. Both these businesses represent the spirit of America that our loved ones fight for and protect.We are honored to do business with both of them.

Our Mission: The mission of Patriot Pride Jewelry is to enhance the lives of families, friends & members of the military by providing affordable, distinctive symbols of support that can be worn whatever the occasion.

We are committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to non-profit organizations that enhance the lives of our military personnel such as Adopt-A-Soldier. We recently visited Fort Drum, NY, where a portion of our sales went to MWR at Fort Drum.

Contact Information:  You can contact us at Customer Service - or at 518-727-6836